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WE are located at 5706 W 36th St, St. Louis Park, MN 55416 Tailors On Blake boasts of 14 experienced tailors, each with their own special skills, which translates to a job 'well done' for you, our appreciated client. We employ some of the best 'fitters' in the Twin Cities. The owner, Sharon Terry quotes 'the proper diagnosis and fitting of the garment is half of the alteration. If a tailor cannot correctly pinpoint the problem of the garments fit, one will be disappointed with the results.'
Stop in and browse through our 'before and after' book on the counter. Look at just some of the jobs we have preformed over the years. You'll be amazed at garments that may have gone into your 'throw away' pile but could have been saved at a cost savings rather than replacing the pieces.
Tailors On Blake specializes in alterations due to the loss of weight--or the gain of weight. It's exciting to lose weight but with it comes the expense of replacing major items in your wardrobe. We suggest giving us a try with a few of your pieces. Let us WOW you with our recutting of your favorite garments and with a cost savings to you. It's usually more cost effective to recut than to repurchase.
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